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Learn basic and advance predictive astrology and allied subjects online using simple and effective methods and become a certified astrologer sitting anywhere in the World.

32+ Years Experienced Trainer

International School of Astrology allows you to learn from industry experts and experienced trainers. ISA is listed as best Indian astrology institute. ISA helped many students to become certified astrologer.

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Complete Solution For Your Journey in Astrology


Learn to read Kundli or Horoscope and give predictions to the persons for solving all their problems in life.


Learn to look deep in lines and signs on the palm to know about person’s personality, nature, strengths and weaknesses in life.


Learn about the numbers, meanings and their influence on person’s life and how to predict and give remedies based on Numerology.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra aims to uncover ways to ensure the continued health and overall prosperity of all in accordance with the natural powers.


Reiki is a sacred way for self balancing, self healing and protecting yourself using highest order energy from the universe.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards give you an idea about and connects you with sub-conscious which can be transformed into actions to create a magic.


Using Handwriting Analysis, you can understand writer's personality, past experiences, hidden talents and mental problems.

Face Reading

Face reading gives you insights into your own and other’s character through knowledge of what their facial features reveal.

Karam Kand

In Karamkand, all the spiritual ways are stated which helps you to achieve a prosperous life and remove all ill-effects of your Karma.

Best Astrology Institute in Delhi, India for Aspiring Astrologers

Learn from best teachers in the field and start your journey to become a successful Astrologer

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About Us

International School of Astrology (ISA) has been conducting courses which allows you to learn from experts about Astrology and allied subjects through online and classroom classes throughout the year in Delhi, India and worldwide.

ISA is the best Indian astrology institute where you can learn Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Reiki Healing, Graphology, Karamkand and many other related subjects all under one roof. ISA provides Certificate and Diploma courses in Astrology and allied subjects.

Our modules are designed with a practical approach to the subject which helps the students to practice professionally after completing the course. We have a team of certified and well-educated professionals who constantly work towards imparting the knowledge of these divine subjects to the students. Our teachers are committed to provide the quality education and best of their knowledge that they have gained in all these years of teaching and practice. All this makes international school of astrology best in the list of top astrology institutes in india.

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Why Choose Us

International School of Astrology is a pioneer Institute in providing the Astrology classes and services worldwide.

 Creative Lessons and Excellent Education. Interactive sessions online like in the physical classrooms.

 Hybrid distance education in Astrology. Live Online Classes on Zoom Live/Zoom Meetings.

 Join a wonderful group of people from around the world learning together and sharing their experiences.

 Qualified and renowned Astrologers for a better learning experience.

 Amazing and Certified Teachers for all subjects.

 We teach in a simple, logical and practical way.

 Revision at regular intervals through mock test.

 Personal attention to each student

 We teach in small groups. Group is allotted as per preferrable days and time of the students.

 We guide, support and motivate each student to practice professionally and build a good career.

 Platform to provide consultation under the valued guidance of professionals in our stalls time to time.

 Backup classes and doubt sessions are provided even after completing the course.

 Learn and become a certified professional.

 Open Schedule online courses in Astrology. Join and enhance your skills sitting anywhere across the world.

 We give quality education to students by combining years of experiences of our qualified teachers.

 Simple teaching methods to engage effectively.