About ISA

International School of Astrology, a reputed Institute in the field of Astrology started with a vision to impart the sacred knowledge 21 years back with classroom-based study. We impart knowledge in Astrology and allied subjects through Online, Regular, Workshop and Correspondence mode throughout the year in Delhi and across the world so that people can study anytime and anywhere across the globe. ISA has made this possible for you all to study wherever and whenever you want without getting restricted by the distance. We have especially integrated online courses for people who have time and distance constraint but wish to seek this divine knowledge.

ISA is the only Institute where you can learn Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Graphology, Karam Kand and many other subjects related to this field all under one roof.

Our courses are designed keeping in mind that we have to make you a professional in the subject you chose so that you may start your career in the field. We have a team of experienced and well qualified Astrologers who work towards imparting the knowledge of these esoteric subjects.

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Our Philosophy

Our main philosophy is to enlighten people regarding Astrology and its science. We aim to provide good knowledge and eliminate the myths and superstitions regarding Astrology and make people aware of the scientific reasoning and execution of it. Astrology is the science of studying one's birth planetary movements and their effect on life.

We believe in providing honest readings for clients and provide future predictions for marriage, studies, career and health. We provide an honest platform where we address the issues faced by clients, provide accurate data by studying their stars and honest with our advices or to come up with solutions that are best suitable for them. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

To provide a best Astrology teaching platform where we address the Vedic Astrology system with proper logics. We are also constantly evolving and innovating our practice to provide students with the best experience and results. Our philosophy is to spread awareness throughout the world regarding Astrology and its benefits. We aim to help all human kind to live a happy and prosperous life.


International School of Astrology was started many years ago with a dream to teach these divine subjects and give knowledge of the same to the masses. After successfully running the same for many years we have now started our online and correspondence courses with a view of teaching even those who cannot be physically present with us.

We have noticed that many students from all over the world wish to study with us but due to distance and time constraint they give up their dream of learning and making a career in this field. So for them we have especially designed these online courses through live online sessions and correspondence courses which are a combination of theory and the respective faculty’s experiences that they have gained over decades of their practice. We wish that each and every person could get benefitted after learning these courses.

So, Dear seekers from all over the globe please come forward and fulfil your dream of becoming a professional in Astrology and other related subjects. We ensure you that you will be able to practice the subject confidently and comfortably.


People Behind ISA

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Our Skills

Being an Astrologer requires the possession of certain skill sets. We conduct studies and practice to enhance our skills in order to provide good teaching quality. We keep reinventing and updating ourselves by sharpening and developing our skills to ensure that we provide our students and clients with the best knowledge, readings and advices. Some of our key skills are:


Better Teaching Experience

ISA course contents has been designed by highly qualified professionals after years of research and training experience, to offer our students a rich learning experience.


It is the base of the subject as we use this to determine and understand the movement of planets, their degrees, conduct and other astrological calculations to predict the horoscope.

Logical and Practical Explanation

Good knowledge is required to translate mathematical calculations into horoscopes and deduce complicated information into logical and practical explanation.

Good Communication and Predictive Skills

Our professionals are capable to evaluate the effect of changing planet movements on our lives and help students in conducting precise readings, determine and problems solve.


Rigorous documentation and regular research is conducted to identify new findings and methodologies that also helps us understand similar cases and determine effective solutions.

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