Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

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Vastu Tips for Plot Selection - We'll be giving free vastu tips for plot and discuss about how to choose land for house and easy Vastu tips for plot selection or Bhoomi Vastu as per rules of land vastu shastra or vastu plot selection.

The land is an essential requirement for any building, so it must be chosen with extreme care. The most crucial of these is picking the ideal site or plot. Sand and its surroundings can either provide life's calm and harmony or its misery and sadness. Therefore, it is generally advised to speak with a vastu expert before buying a plot of land or a house. Normally an Architect or Vastu Shilpi is brought into the scene only at the designing stage but it is advisable to involve him at the stage of buying the land itself. 

When purchasing a property, it is a good idea to stand on the land and feel its vibration. If you feel positive about it, consider buying the land. If not, it is probably not good for you. A house sold by a person in distress or who is impoverished, should be purchased only with caution. A dilapidated or haunted house should not be purchased.

Do not purchase land that has been used as a crematorium, cemetery, or a samadhi (tomb for a holy person). The land should not be purchased if in the recent past someone has committed suicide on it or if there have been several deaths over the period of a couple of months.

Levels, angles, size, shape etc. should be according to principles of Vastu. In towns and cities due to various reasons the choice is limited but as far as possible one must attempt to acquire land adhering to Shastras. ‘Prevention is better than cure’- is an age old saying and instead of suffering ill effects of wrong decisions and repenting later, it is better to be alert in the initial stages itself.

In land selection according to vastu the following aspects should be taken care of:     

Vastu Plot Selection - The land should be cultivatable and should smell good when you visit the site for vastu plot selection. It is not good to build on a barren land. Land that contains many rocks, anthills, many worms, broken pottery, sludge and thorny trees should not be purchased. Soil should be free of any impurities like bones & skeletons etc. At the time of land selection according to Vastu for construction, the quality of land and soil should be checked and taken care of. The construction of the house should be done on an appropriately shaped plot where the land is flawless and have sandy and solid soil which makes it the best plot as per Vastu.  Sites which have fertile earth, flowering plants, fruit trees, grass etc. are good and sites without the source of ground water should be avoided. 

When the rules of Vastu Shastra or bhumi Vastu are followed in the construction of houses, it gives us the best results and overall growth in life.

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