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At ISA, consultations are given by a group of professional astrologers who have come together to help people manage their astrological aspects with ease and accuracy. We aim to provide you with the best of astrological services at a reasonable cost. We offer a variety of services related to Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, Palmistry and Vastu so that you may benefit from all under one roof. We use our knowledge and research to help others with their lives. We help understand and solve several problems including relationship, love, education, business, property and financial matters.

In today’s world it is seen that many misconceptions have grounded in people’s heart related to Astrology and its branches, so at ISA consultancy we make it a point to explain all we predict in a simple manner so that anyone can easly understand how Jyotish can affect his/her life.

We provide consultation based on manual reading and analysis which ensures that our experts have worked exclusively on your report and no software predictions are given to give you the best services.

International School of Astrology

100% Confidential

Consultation, details and reports are safe and confidential. You can freely ask any question and discuss problems related to any matter.

Best Astrologers

We aim to provide you with the best of Astrological services by our well qualified and experienced Astrologers at a reasonable cost.

Individual Approach

Consultations are given on one-to-one basis privately. Personal sessions are scheduled with our experienced and expert consultants.


We Can Help You With This Situation


Astrology Report Advice

Family & Personal Problem

Career and Business Growth

Future Education for Children

Consult for Delay in Marriage

Consult for Business Problem

Couples and Relation Problem


Individual Horoscope Analysis

Foreign Settlement Consultation

Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Better Family and Future Planning

Health and Relationship Problems

Job, Career and Financial Problems

Delay Marriage and Divorce Problem

Vastu Services

Vastu Solutions for Shops

Vastu for Corporate Offices

Vastu for Flats & Apartments

Residential Vastu Consultation

Commercial Vastu Consultation

Site or Plot Selection as per Vastu

Vastu Solutions without Demolition

Vastu Interiors

Vastu Consultation for Houses

Vastu for Business Enterprises

Vastu for Industrial Complexes

Vastu Consultation for Showrooms

Vastu Interior for Corporate Offices

Vastu Interior Planning & Designing

Vastu Interior Design for New Home


Detailed Date of Birth Analysis

New Born Baby Name Selection

Best Mobile, Car & House Number

House Number as per Numerology

Your Name Correction and Analysis

Best Firm Name as per Numerology

Partnership Matching for 2 Persons

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading for Health Problems

Tarot Card Reading for Best Choice

Tarot Consultation for Future Events

Tarot Consultation for Career Advice

Tarot Reading for Relation Problems

Tarot Card Consultation for Marriage

Tarot Card Consultation for Business

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing and Treatment

Reiki Healing for Depression

Reiki Healing for Chronic Pain

Reiki Healing for Heart Diseases

Distance Healing for Loved Ones

Reiki Healing for Removing Stress

Reiki Healing for Mind, Body & Soul

Vedic Poojan

Mantra Chanting for Marriage Delay

Mantra Chanting for Health Problem

Mantra Chanting for Good Business

Mantra Chanting for Children Issues

Shilanyas Puja for New Construction

Vedic Grah Pravesh Pooja & Hawan

Effective Laxmi Poojan for Business

Our Experienced Consultants

A team of experienced and well qualified professionals who understand your problems, guide you and light your way ahead.


How It Works


Take Appointment

Get Consultation on Family, Finance, Marriage, Money, Career, Health, Children from Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Tarot Card Experts.


Get Consultation

Discuss and get solutions about your problems and issues in life related to any matter, to get a roadmap to overcome these barriers.


Implement Plan

Take decisions and avoid pitfalls as advised to overcome the weaknesses. Make & implement ideas to reach the desired destination.


We provide you with the best of astrological services at a reasonable cost.

Astrology Consultation

Consult for Horoscope/Kundli Reading, Matching for Marriage, your problems in life like Health Problems, Career Growth, Delay Marriage, Relationship Problems, Child Problems etc. and get the simple remedies for your problems.


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Tarot Reading

Book Tarot consultation and ask all your queries regarding Love, Relationship, Education, Career, Business, Finance, Opportunities, Health, Best Choices etc. and get answers for way ahead and easy to do remedies for problems.


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Numerology Reading

Get Numerology consultation with name check and correction, future predictions, lucky numbers etc by our expert Numerologists. Check if your name is obstructing your success. Start your new venture with the Lucky Firm Name.


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Vastu Consultation

Get a complete Vastu consultation for your home or office and check Vastu before Shifting. Get answers to all your queries regarding your dream home and say goodbye to all your problems with simple and effective remedies.

 31000/visit delhi

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Vastu Design & Homes

Consult for Vastu planning and designing for your new home or office and build your Vastu compliant space.
Vastu New Home Designs.
Vastu Planning & Construction.
Residential & Commercial Vastu.

/as per scope

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Yearly Package

1 Residential Vastu Visit
1 Commercial Vastu Visit
4 Astrological Consultations
2 Numerology & Tarot Sessions
Astrology Remedies for Problems
Important Dates for Pooja & Hawan


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Pearl (Moti) / Moonstone

Emarald (Panna) / Onyx Stone

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) / Neeli

Red Coral & White Coral (Moonga)

Yellow Sapphire (Phukraj) / Sunela

Diamond / Turquoise (Phiroza) / Opal


Hessonite (Gomed) Stone

Agate and Hakeek Stones

Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya) Stone

Jade and Lapiz Lazuli Stones

Kindey Stone and Tiger’s Eye

Yellow Zircon and Green Jerkan

Red Zircon and White Jerkan Stone


Magnetic Compass

Feng Shui Products

Dig Dosh Nashak Yantra

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Measuring Tape and Leveller

Pakua & Bagua for Positive Energy

Navgrah Stones for Eight Directions


Rudraksh Mala

Energised Shri Shri Yantra

Energised All Planet Yantras

Energised Yantra for Education

Energised Yantra for Prosperity

Energised Yantra for Clearing Debts

Energised Yantra for Business Growth


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