Face Reading

Face reading or physiognomy informs you a great deal about a person’s character and personality. Your face and features like eyes, nose, ears, forehead, chin is a reflection of yourself. Facial features reveal your raw and true nature. Through this, the students will be able to delve into the intricacies of diverse face reading techniques that will help them in building strong observation skills.

Features like deeper eyes indicate introverted nature, whereas protruding eyes represent attention-seeking nature. Sharp & narrow nose indicate inattentiveness whereas short/small nose represents patience & good thought process. Similarly, wide foreheads indicate intellectual skills whereas narrow forehead indicates focusing power. These form the basis of face reading.

This course will be an added advantage if you want to master the art of reading faces which have become a necessity in the corporate world. Face reading tells a lot about strength & weaknesses and will help you in discovering what lies beneath the common human facade.


The course will enable you to read & predict a person’s nature and qualities just after looking at the face and features. After the completion of the course, you will be able to study a person’s conduct and behavioural patterns merely by reading their facial features. You will be able to recognize and assess features that lie under the outer appearances and interpret them.

Body Language

As it is rightly said, ‘Actions speak louder than the words’, your body language speaks volumes about your persona. Reading body language, which is non-verbal communication, includes interpreting facial expressions, gestures, body postures, etc. Also known as kinesics, the body language of a person also includes actions without conscious awareness like irregular tapping of feet when nervous, too much sweating and frantic movement when lying, etc.

Our course includes in-depth knowledge of observing and understanding different body languages and studying them in detail to broaden the thinking horizons of developing minds. It will also provide an insight into the common gestures, for instance, a person sitting till the back of their chair,with focused eyebrows and occasional nodding signifies an attentive persona whereas another person leaning back leisurely with arms crossed and occasional kicking or tapping of feet signify inattentiveness and impatience. Therefore, Body Language is basically an enigmatic vision to interpret someone's character through their whole-body movements. It requires dedication & commitment to become a successful body language expert.


Body language varies broadly from person to person. What one action may be indicating confidence in one individual might be an indication of fear in other individuals. Interpretations vary to a great extent from countries and cultures as well.

In this course, students will learn how to interpret the actions and most importantly form a prior judgment about a person’s personality without even an exchange of words. The skills required for understanding postures will be honed properly.

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is an auspicious book of poetic verses that are used in Astrology. Lal means ‘red’ and Kitab means ‘book’. Consisting of five Urdu language books focused on Vedic astrology and Palmistry (Astro-Palmistry), Lal Kitab also contains hidden nuances. It is believed to be Persian-originated & hence considered a part of Persian and Arab cultures and includes simple remedies for various planetary afflictions in the birth chart or horoscope.

The book’s red colour is to mark Indian auspiciousness and faith. It has been an important resource in the world of Astrology. Though there is ambiguity regarding the creator it is believed that Pt. Roop Chand Joshi invented it in the 19th century. The Lahore Museum has preserved a copy of the first book that was published in 1939.

Lal Kitab contains remedial measures for a person based on his horoscope. The remedies in the book are related to health, wealth, relationship, and various other aspects of life. These are handy during an astrological reading of a person, as it delves into the obstacles in life and provides the possible solutions. It also includes various mantras to bring positivity and attract good fortunes in life.


Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology is one of the branches of Astrology which is a practice of relating the celestial body’s movement to the events in financial markets. Financial Astrology provides insight into various aspects of managing finance. It is of great help to boost up one’s financial freedom by looking at the conditions of the financial market. Basically, it revolves around finances, be it personal investments, making business decisions, personal trading, and providing you an upper edge.

The main aim of this branch is to predict the stock market in the correlation of planetary movements. Like every other field requiring predictions and theory, in financial Astrology, you shall use formulas and astronomical signs to find the outcome in the trading stock market. The results vary to a great extent and it is rightly said that the stock market is highly risky but with the help of this course, one can easily find the loopholes and strategies to boost up their finances.

Astrology is a vast field, but everything within is connected. With Financial Astrology, make your presence in the stock market and delve into the hidden prospects that will turn the stakes into your favour.


Financial Astrology is just a medium to better your chances at winning in this era of competitiveness, With the right amount of guidance and supreme knowledge about the planetary movements’ significations, you can ace anything!

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