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Graphology is the study of handwriting. Your handwriting tells a lot about you. Graphology is a way to uncover the mysteries of human mind as your brain guides your hand. In Graphology, your handwriting is analyzed, which gives an insight into conduct, temper, ethos, and issues in a person’s life. The study is done based on in-depth observation of the strokes, pressure points, slants, loops, baseline, and size of texts etc.

This course provides an added advantage to the students as it enables them to learn and comprehend entire life analytics of a person just by analysing their scribblings. Everybody is different and hence have varying handwritings.

In short, handwriting of a person imitates their personality traits. A trained graphologist can gather an astonishing amount of information about the writer just from analyzing their handwriting. To you, it's just handwriting, but to a handwriting analyst, it paints a picture of the person "behind the pen”. With Graphology as your tool, you can literally ‘read’ a person and help them do better in their life.

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We Offer Diploma Course in Handwriting Analysis

After the completion of this course, a student gains expertise in reading the different writing patterns and focus on the main traits that are responsible for a person’s handwriting. Graphology assists you in finding the source of your tensions & stress and help in curtailing them in the future.

  • Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
  • Uses of Handwriting Analysis
  • Limitations of Handwriting Analysis
  • Sample Selection
  • Study of Margins
  • Pressure of Handwriting
  • Direction of Lines
  • Spacing of Letters and Words
  • Size of the Letters
  • Speed of Writing and Consistency
  • Slant in Handwriting
  • Different Writing Patterns and Analysis
  • Zones and Their Interpretation
  • Handwriting Analysis of Eminent Celebrities
  • Samples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we start the course from the scratch and basic level and proceed to further Advanced Course in Handwriting Analysis. Every concept, sign, method is explained to make the Handwriting Analysis subject easy and interesting for the students to understand and learn. ISA Institute provides Best Graphology services and knowledge to students so that they can become best Handwriting Analyst in India.

ISA Institute provides Best Handwriting Analysis coaching in India through Graphology classes online in India for students from other cities and has become a centre of providing Best Handwriting Analysis course and Best Handwriting Analysis courses in Delhi-Ncr. Foreign students can also Learn Handwriting Analysis online in Delhi, India and gain excellent knowledge in the subject by completing certificate course in Handwriting Analysis or Diploma Course in Handwriting Analysis.

ISA is ranked among Best Institute for Handwriting Analysis Courses, Best Handwriting Analysis Institute in Delhi. We at ISA, aim to provide Best online classes in Handwriting Analysis and thrive to become Best Handwriting Analysis Centre in Delhi, India. Because of our rigorous and continuous efforts, we are named as Best Handwriting Analysis school worldwide by providing Top Handwriting Analysis courses online to students.

Yes, after completing classroom or online Handwriting Analysis classes or distance learning courses in Handwriting Analysis, you can practice professionally and become a best graphologist in your area. Can easily give consultation in the respective subject and earn as well.

You can enroll yourself by filling our Admission form online and submitting your fee. You are good to start and become a part of ISA family. Your classes will be scheduled accordingly and start asap or max. within 10-15 days.

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