Karam Kand

Human life is a true example of problems and obstacles. There is no moment when a person is tension free. Human body and mind have to be cleaned time to time to make our life stress free. Like we sweep and broom our offices and home several times a day but they get dirty again and again, the same way our body and mind have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

According to our sages and the learned people these problems are a result of our own karma. Like the way our birth and death are destined by our karma, the same way our journey and obstacles in life are destined by our karma.

To understand this life and our karma the only possible way is astrology. In Astrology, KARAMKAND is the subject which Learn Karam Kand, Certificate course in karamkand, Diploma in karamkand, Advanced Course in karamkand, Karam Kand Institute, Karam Kand Classes in Delhi helps you to remove all the ill-effects of your karma and achieve salvation. In karamkand all the spiritual ways are mentioned that can help to achieve a happy and prosperous life. .

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ISA is run under the guidance of Acharya Sunder Lal Gargji. We are a group of learned and professional astrologers who have come together to spread this sacred shastra to the masses. We teach simple yet effective methodology that helps a student gain confidence in practicing the subjects.