Correspondence Coaching

Why Take Correspondence Coaching ?

Correspondence courses break the limitation of physical barrier. Due to its wide reach it allows student from any part of the world to access our courses and gain this divine knowledge. It gives you the comfort of learning anytime anywhere.

Our Correspondence courses are designed in such a way that you will easily understand the subject. Our notes are designed by our faculties and are self explanatory. You will not feel the absence of a teacher because our notes are subjective and with practical examples. They are so easy to understand that even a layman can become an expert in this field. Some of the USP's are given below-

  • Correspondence courses give you the comfort to study anytime anywhere.
  • Extensive study notes with examples and practical case studies.
  • Designed by professional with experience over 20 years in the respective fields.
  • Notes are self explanatory and very easy to understand.
  • Detailed studies and practical application is taught through examples.
  • Doubt clarification through mail or over the phone.
  • Certificate after completion of the course is given.
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What are Correspondence courses ?
Correspondence courses are courses designed for students who cannot attend regular classes. They can study from the comfort of their home and gain this divine knowledge.
Will I be able to understand the subject without a physical teacher ?
Our notes are self explanatory and subjective with case studies. They are very easy to understand and you will not feel the absence of a teacher.
What we teach in Correspondence courses ?
The syllabus that is taught in the Correspondence course is the same as covered in the classroom coaching. For details you may visit the subject's page for detailed syllabus and contents.
What are the benefits of studying Correspondence ?
The main benefit is that it breaks the physical barrier. You can study anytime anywhere.
Who should opt for Correspondence courses ?
People who cannot attend regular classes due to distance or timing issues or prior commitments can join our Correspondence courses.
How to register for Correspondence courses ?
Choose your course and then fill the registration form Correspondence. You will have to deposit the fee by Correspondence transfer or bank transfer.
What is the procedure after registration ?
Once you register you will receive the study notes for each module. You will study them and if you have any doubts you can contact us. Once you complete the course you will appear for an examination.
What is the medium of instruction for Correspondence courses ?
We offer the course in both Hindi and English.
Will I get support if I have doubts later on ?
The school allows taking an appointment and contacting for doubt clarification and discussing over the call within one month of completion of the course.
Can I become a professional after doing this course ?
Yes after completing this course you can practice professionally. Can easily give consultation in the respective subject and earn handsome income.

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ISA is run under the guidance of Acharya Sunder Lal Gargji. We are a group of learned and professional astrologers who have come together to spread this sacred shastra to the masses. We teach simple yet effective methodology that helps a student gain confidence in practicing the subjects.