Why Join Online Classes?

Astrology can stun and fill us with amazement if practiced with skill and mastery. Join us with our Astrology online courses and experience the best quality Astrology education accessible with a diverse group of professionals and certified instructors who teach as well as inspire. Our online courses in Astrology are specially designed for students who cannot attend classroom coaching because of time and distance constraint.

Become familiar with these life-changing courses through our organized educational program specially curated to open you to the world of occult sciences and improve your learning at the comfort of your home with your required flexible timings. Students can attend our live sessions and learn at the ease of their comfortable place. You can enroll and get started with our online classes, no matter whether you live across Indian boundaries. We provide online classes in specific time slots to bridge the time gap between different countries and help you learn and excel in this field.

Our team intends to provide with the best quality sessions to our students online. We insist on developing the same environment virtually like the physical classrooms. Our courses emphasize on practical knowledge which aids in practicing professionally on completion of the courses.

So, Join our courses today and start your career in the world of occult!

1. Specially designed for students who cannot attend classroom coaching and workshop and still get the face-to-face education
2. Learn through live sessions and ease of your comfortable space.
3. You can get started even if you live across Indian boundaries.
4. Specific time slots for international students to bridge the time gap and help you learn and succeed in the Astrology world.
5. Best quality teaching in Astrology to our students online.
6. Small groups that allow more discussion and personalized setting.
7. Similar interactive environment virtually like the physical classrooms.
8. Focus on practical knowledge which helps in starting the practice professionally on completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students, professionals, businessmen or any person related to any field can join and gain knowledge about Astrology and other subjects. Students of any age can join and learn. 10th pass is minimum qualification required

Yes, after completing the diploma course, you can easily start giving consultations in the respective subjects and become a reputed professional in the field.

We provide best quality education in Astrology for students. The students are taught through live online classes for better understanding.

You need not to worry if you face network issues. Please inform beforehand or in case you left a class due to the network issue, we will provide you the backup class.

One of the important features of our Institute and online Astrology classes is that students can ask questions during the class. It is important to ask questions in case you don’t understand something to get clarification. Students can resolve their queries with the instructors during class only.

After enrolling with the Institute, you would only require a computer/laptop or even a smartphone and a good internet connection. You are good to go and learn any subject online.

Classes are scheduled from morning to evening on all seven days. Students can give their preferrable days and the desired time slot. It would be ideal to join and learn for working people, professionals and students as well.

Yes, we customize classes for international students as well. Due to the time gap between regions, we sought to provide online classes to students abroad at specified time intervals that best suits their time preference.

Online exams are conducted for online courses. There is no need to be physically present in the Institute.

Yes, after completion of the course and an examination you will be awarded a certificate.