Testimonials and Clients


I came to India especially to study such things as Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, etc. As I am very fond of esoterics since I remember myself. And India is the best place for study those fields in original – I mean Vedic knowledge. As in my country, Russia, we have lots and lots of esoteric schools, but they teach differently, in western style. But I wanted to see things from the 'roots', Thus I started my search of Teacher, Guru or school which can help me with this. And then I found ISA, Where I enquired about the course.

They explained me everything very clearly and scheduled my appointment with the faculty. … What can I say after almost half a year of knowing those wonderful people and study from them? They arranged PERSONAL class for me as per my wish – once a week for several hours! Such a personal and nice approach I have never met before and I am really grateful to the Fate for making me meet such lovely people!! The faculty teaches me properly, slow, step by step to make sure that I understand every little thing. And, of course, the manner is very friendly and positive! So, almost every time after the class, besides getting new knowledge, we all have good positive mood to go home and give this love to our beloved ones.

Harshita Agrawal

Before enrolling into this prestigious institute, I was not a very firm believer of astrology n its allied subjects. Being from a business background I was always taught to believe in our karma. After finishing my course of numerology and tarot cards, the whole perspective of looking towards life has changed. In retrospect I never thought all this as spirituality.

Things have changed around since I have become more optimistic and rational. Thanks to such a wonderful and well trained faculty for such a conceptual teaching method. I wish all the best to ISA for this wonderful to effort and I thank them for bringing such a drastic change in my life.


Very good logics, satisfying course. I am very impressed by the logics given here. The examples and explanation is very appropriate and simple to learn. It is wonderful experiences to learn from ISA. I now have a good knowledge of all the concepts and I am thankful to ISA for the same.

Asha Jain

I am learning vastu shastra from ISA. The method of teaching is so interesting and simple that we can learn it easily. Concepts are taught in such a manner that we donot need to mug it up. When I joined I was under an impression that vastu is a very tough course but the faculty is here has made it so easy and interesting. Also it has shown me the way to earn my living and be financially independent.

Sanjeev Sharma

Wonderful, amazing experience. I am taking training in International School of Astrology. Our teacher is very qualified and experienced. Her teaching methods are so unique. I am very grateful to ISA for teaching me astrology and building my confidence to serve the world.

Ritu Miglani

Hello, I got my start in astro training through ISA-I am enjoying learning these courses and they have made a huge difference in my life. I thank the faculty for teaching me the basics so thoroughly that I can practice astrology confidently.

Mamta Goyal

Before enrolling for a course in ISA I attended a demo class for the courses and I chose astrology and tarot. It was a great experience to be a part of ISA. I have completed my course and I am very satisfied with my decision. The faculty members are very experienced. They motivate the students and give personal attention to clear every doubt one has. They are always there for me even after I have completed my course.

Rekha Garg

My institute "ISA" is a place where I was blessed with a career when all I went for was a hobby. It's an experience which has added a lot of color and many dimensions to how I looked at and understood the world. All the courses that I did were very comprehensive and taught in a way that I grew in love with the science and my school with each lesson. The empathy and warmth my teachers had towards my growth and the fact that I am also a homemaker with two kids to raise, is unparalled.its there kindness and dedication that I was given classes at the time that suited me and my family schedules. I am so happy to be a student of the school and any amount of adulation shall be insufficient in the expression of my gratitude.

Meenaksh Mehra

Hello I am from Canada and when i came to India I felt interested to study astrology n related subjects. I searched on the net and found ISA which I am glad to join. I studied here and would like to say that the faculty is extremely qualified and helpful. They teach in a superb manner and I am really happy to have joined ISA.

Sanjana chawla
Sanjana chawla

Nice institute with full personal attention on each student. I came here to do astrology and finally have done all the courses. The guidance teachers give is very genuine.

Deepti Taurani

came to ISA specially from Dubai-UAE. Before coming I had my own inhibitions about the place in general and the Astrology course in particular, but when I met everyone at the Institute all my inhibitions vanished. All of them had an extremely efficient, friendly and a very profound approach. I felt like I am at ease and at home. Special mention for Mrs. Neeru Garg, amazing person, very compassionate. Her way of explaining concepts just registers in your mind. I will always cherish the time spent with her. Acharya Shri Sunder Lal Ji, a Master in true sense. He made sure my time was utilized in the right way.I sincerely wish a lot of success to ISA and strongly recommend the institute to everyone.

Chavi Katyal
Chavi Katyal

It was a pretty great experience. How sir explained every topic with logic and scientific approach was very helpful. Apart from these sir's examples of his own life experiences also made the classes interesting, you basically get to know the outside world too. Hopefully I will be able to use my knowledge and skills that I have learnt here. I would definitely want to recommend this course to all those who wish to make a career in this field.

Swati Dugar

It has been a good experience in learning what we have been listening from our parents.The plus point being we are learning it with logics and rules. Sir is very flexible with his ways of teaching and understands our views and makes us understand as well. This institute is very flexible with its ways which makes it very convenient for anyone to study here. Practical visits are also very helpful. Thanks for the knowledge.

Sarb Walia

I would like thank ISA for their support and guidance throughout the course. The staff and my teachers Khushbooji, Sunder Lalji and Neeruji all were very cooperative patient and knowledgeable. They understood my needs and situation as I am from Canada and had very little time for the course. But they kept me motivated throughout and changed their schedule to adjust mine. All the teachers here are full of knowledge and it was my pleasure to learn from them.


Excellent and useful course. This is an occult discipline and approach that approves oneness of a human and the universe. I appreciate the attitude of ISA and my teacher. As I had very little time coz I had to go back to Latvia I was in doubt weather I will be able to this course but special thanks to my teacher Khushboo for sharing in esoteric knowledge and personal experiences.Thanku and look forward to study again whenever I come to India.

Prithiviraj Rampursad Mauritius
Prithiviraj Rampursad Mauritius

It’s my second time for my second course in Karamkand from ISA.I really appreciate and feel comfortable by the explanation and teaching methods of ISA.I hope I will be able to use them nicely to enhance my career and to serve humanity. Although I wish I could continue all the courses but I have to go back to my country. I hope I will come back soon to learn more, thank you.

Neeti Katyal

Enjoyed learning the courses. The way sir taught the things relating to the real experiences of one’s life, the teachings were more immense and deeper. Thanks for inculcating such capabilities in us. I learned tarot, numerology, palmistry and astrology and I am very happy to come across ISA.

Jyoti Khosla
Jyoti Khosla

I have just completed my palmistry course From ISA and I am extremely happy with the contents of the course and the method of teaching.

Aashita Sharma
Aashita Sharma

I have completed four courses. I am very much impressed by the way the institute taught all the subjects. I came to pursue astrology but I have pursued all the other courses too because I really liked the contents and the methods of teaching. I am sure I can take these subjects professionally now. Faculties are very experienced and different than other institutes.

Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma

It’s a great experience with this institute, very interesting courses, the way sir teaches us...I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards him. Overall I just want to say that it’s the best astrology school in town.

Reetu Singh
Reetu Singh

I really liked the course from ISA. It is our pleasure to learn personally from Acharya Sunder lal ji and Neeru Mam. Their way of teaching is unique. I especially came from London to do this course and am really glad about my decision. I wish the institute all the very best for their future as they are doing a great job and i thank you for all the support n guidance that you have given us.

Sarvpreet Singh
Sarvpreet Singh

Hello everyone i came from London to do this course and it was a good experience being here at ISA It was a privilege spending with acharyaji and mam and i would to like to come back to pursue my further studies. Thank you for your love and support. Looking forward to see u again.